Mediterraneo Dance Festival 2024


    Dancers € 150,00 Observers € 75,00
    Dancers € 250,00 Observers € 100,00

The reservation/deposit fee (workshop and accommodation) can be sent via two options:

  1. Bank Transfer
    payable to ASD/PS cultura e sport MEDITERRANEO ARTE
    Bank: BPER Banca – Reggio Calabria
    IBAN code: IT53 X 05387 16301 000043087758
    Swift / Bic code: BPMOIT22XXX
    Reason for payment: MDF ITALY 2024
  2. Payment with PayPal:
    Payment recipient:
    Reason for payment: MDF ITALY 2024
    N.B. in this case, you will not have to attach a copy of the payment, the transaction will be notified directly by PayPal.


  1. To participate it is essential to make a reservation request, using the registration form / online form via the website, or paper form, (PDF) and it is mandatory to send a reservation fee (deposit) for dance courses and accommodation reservations, and accept the conditions participation and the entire program published on this website.
  2. To participate in the event it will be essential to became a member of Mediterraneo Arte association, the registration will take place on the reception-arrival day. For minors, the reservation request and the membership request must be endorsed by a parent or guardian.
  3. The balance of the workshops must be paid on the day of arrival in cash only, payments by credit cards or bank checks will not be accepted. Instead, it will be possible to pay the balance at the Resort for your accommodation with credit cards.
  4. The reservation/deposit fee, sent together with the online form/form or paper form, is not refundable in case of non-participation or withdrawal, not can be transferred or combined with another person. Due to force majeure, epidemic, the event may be canceled and postponed to the next edition, and the reservation/deposit fee, in this case, will not be returned, but can be used for subsequent years.
  5. The participation fees after having paid the balance and having chosen your study program, cannot be returned in the event of withdrawal for personal reasons, only in case of an accident, during the course of the study activities, you can obtain a partial refund.
  6. Scholarship winners will not be entitled to any type of discount provided in the program.
  7. Mediterraneo Arte association declines all responsibility in case of theft or damage caused to people or their property caused or suffered by everyone, interns and listeners, both during lessons and during other activities, inside and outside the location for carrying out the event and is exempt from any civil and criminal liability inherent in and consequent to participation in the event, and relieved of any responsibility relating to the physical fitness of all participants and any accidents.
  8. It is possible to shoot with a video camera-smartphone, with prior authorization from the organization. It is forbidden to disturb the class and consume food inside the dance studios. Further rules or program changes will be communicated at the beginning of the activities.
  9. The teacher has the right to direct the intern to the level of study most suited to her abilities.
  10. The program of study activities could be subject to variations, in case of an insufficient number of participants, the planned courses could be reduced and unified or even canceled.
  11. The organization reserves the right to make changes to the program, which will be made known through this website or by making a request by email: Possible program changes during the course of the activities.