Mediterraneo Choreographic ResiD(a)nce

Workshop & Docufilm production

Mediterraneo Choreographic ResiD(a)ance

The Mediterraneo Choreographic Resid(a)nce is an artistic residence designed and produced by Calabria Arte association in collaboration with feelMINI and logistical support of Proloco of Scilla, it aims to create a full immersion in the world of contemporary dance through an intensive period of study with choreographers from the best companies in the world. The residence also part of a project of experimental video that will produce as a final result the creation of a dedicated documentary film.

The Mediterraneo Choreographic Resid(a)nce 2017 will be devoted to Forsythe Company through the two choreographers and dancers Tilman O'Donnell and Cyril Baldy, who through their experimental choreography, they will send their work to all the dancers, making them part of the whole creative process and construction.

The M.C.R. 2017 international cultural event it’s included in the MEDITERRANEO DANCE FESTIVAL 2017 program and will be held in SCILLA, reserved only to advanced level dancers, semi - professional and professional dancers and with a limited number. The arrival day – check in is August 27th , to complete the registration and to get your accommodation. From August 28th to September 1th there will be the Choreographic Workshop that will take place at the Congress Hall of Scilla located in Piazza Matrice between the mythical Ruffo Castle and the fantastic seaside village of Chianalea. During a few days of the workshop, the whole day of September 2th and in the morning of September 3th will be held Docufilm shooting. September 3th will be the rehearsal of the Final show that will start at h. 22,00 and will be held on the beach close to the sea water. All participants will take part at the Final show. The departures/ check-out of participants will be on September 4th.

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Check in August 27 / Check out September 4

Choreographic Workshop

August 28 – September 1

h. 10,30 – 13,00
h. 16,00 – 18,30


August 31 and September 1

h. 07,00 – 09.30

September 2

h. 07,00 – 12.30
h. 16.30 – 20,30

September 3

h. 07,00 – 12.30

Final Show

September 3

h. 17,00 – 19.00


h. 19,30 – 20.30

press conference and performance

h. 22,00


Mediterraneo Choreographic ResiD(a)ance

Tilman O'Donnell

Tilman O'Donnell was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a German mother and American father. He trained at the National Ballet School in Toronto, Canada and joined The Göteborg Ballet under the direection of Anders Hellström. In 2002 Tilman worked at the Staatstheater Saarbrücken. Thereafter he joined the Cullberg Ballet from 2003 until 2007. Tilman was a member of The Forsythe Company in Frankfurt from 2007-2012 and a guest artist until 2015. Tilman made his debut as a choreographer in 2002 and has been awarded first prize in two international choreographic competitions. In 2005 he was appointed both 'Dancer To Watch" and "Choreographer To Watch" by the leading European magazine Ballet Tanz. In 2011 he created two site-specific works for Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm. In 2012 he created the piece "August did not have what is commonly considered good taste as far as furniture is concerned.." He has also created works for Spira Jönköping under the banner Cullberg To Come (Word of Mouth) and a piece for Staatstheater Graz.  In 2014, Tilman was invited to be artist in residence together with Cyril Baldy at Centre Choreographique Circuit-Est / Goethe Institut Montreal. In 2015 he created the solo Whatever Singularity #453: Solo For Maxime / Dancing With Alain for the Göteborgs Operans Danskompani, and toured the work to the Nordwind Festival in autumn 2015.  His most recent work , entitled In Life & Love & So On, premiered in October 2015 at The Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen.

Cyril Baldy

Born in France, he studied ballet in Paris at The Conservatoire National Supérieur.
Cyril Baldy danced with The Forsythe Company (Germany) from 2005 - 2014.
He has also worked as a dancer with The Jeune Ballet de France (1997 - 1998) - Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) II  (1998 - 2001) - NDT I (2001 -2002) - Frankfurt Ballet (with William Forsythe, 2002 - 2005)
Cyril leads STRUT's two week Forsythe Master Workshop in November 2015.
Since 2014, along side teaching internationally, choreographing and staging William Forsythe's repertoire, he co-created his own art direction company named Sad.
This Forsythe Master Workshop at STRUT focuses on repertoire and choreographic principles from William Forsythe's work One Flat Thing, reproduced.
Other projects Cyril has worked on recently include Working with Forsythe dancer Yoko Ando at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) on the RAM (Reactor for Awareness in Motion)


Scilla, Uscigghiju in calabrian ancient, Skylla or Skyllaion in greek, in latin Scylla, would probably mean rock. It is in fact situated on a promontory that descends sinuously the sea and is considered one of the most beautiful and characteristic Italian villages, just in north side of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria.

Its ancient origins blend of history, myth and legend as the grand beauty of the natural environment has always inspired evocative poetic images, such as the beautiful nymph with blue eyes transformed into a hideous sea monster.

Scilla today is an important tourist and seaside resort which has about five thousand inhabitants which greatly increases during the summer. It’s old town called "San Giorgio" and develops around Piazza San Rocco, where there the church of San Rocco the patron saint, and the Town Council. The Piazza San Rocco is situated on a vast terrace built on a rocky ridge overlooking the sea where, over the Strait of Messina, you can admire some of the Aeolian Islands: Lipari, Panarea and Stromboli. On the stately promontory Scylla keeps the majestic "Castello Ruffo".

The great tourist attraction of Scilla is also and above all, in addition to the romantic village of Chianalea, right next to the sea, the long beach with its shores and the revamped waterfront. This is where you will find typical restaurants where you can taste the fish, primarily swordfish, famous ice cream parlors and small kiosks that offer red watermelons and fresh squeezed citrus, bergamot in particular, fruit and pride of this wonderful land.


Chianalea is the ancient village of fishermen of Scilla. Its name comes from Chjanalèa "Piana of Galea," which was an old boat, or Canalea, for the evocative "streets" like channels that are entered directly on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The small houses near the sea, many of them right along the water, the narrow streets / canals, the striking accesses to the sea with steep ladders have quite rightly earned him the nickname of " little Venice of the South ".

This quaint fishing village still shows all its authenticity because, although most picturesque homes have been transformed in small restaurants, craft shops and souvenir shops, fishing is still practiced. Walking through the village, in fact, you can see small boats on the ground floor of the houses that overlook the sea and maybe meet the fishermen themselves who build or repair their nets or boats depart for fishing. Fishing has always been the main activities of the place, especially the swordfish. This magical place that has inspired painters and poets, with its crib houses, the sea breeze that diverged in the alleys, with the sounds of small waves crashing on the rocks, deserves to be considered the most romantic Borgo of Calabria and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


The lodging of the participants of MCR / Scilla - ITALY 2017 will be at Hotels and Bed & Breakfast, located in the center of Scilla and in the village of Chianalea. The organization has an agreement to provide special conditions and prices. All the selected facilities are close to the Congress Hall site in Piazza Matrice of Scilla place of the workshop, a short walk away and close to the beach.

On arrival day, the reception of your accommodation will hand you a map and give you the necessary information.

Check in August 27 / Check out September 4

The following prices are per person per night:


single room: €50,00 – double room: €30,00 – triple room: €25,00 – quad room: €22,50

included: breakfast – air condition – refrigerator – TV – wifi


single room: €45,00 – double room: €25,00 – triple room: €20,00 – quad room: €17,50

included: breakfast – air condition – refrigerator – TV – wifi


Lodging of participants will only be cured by the organization. The payment of your accommodation will be made the day after your arrival.

The organization reserves the right to assign a different arrangement of your preference for places due to unavailability. For individuals who would like to stay with other people (same-sex) please indicate when registering by email.


Come arrivare


Motorway A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria
exit: Scilla

Scilla train station
Free transfer to your accommodation

Reggio Calabria Centrale
Shuttle Service
euro 7,50 per ride per person

Reggio Calabria “Aeroporto dello Stretto”
Shuttle Service
euro 7,50 per ride per person


Lamezia Terme – Airport
Shuttle Service
euro 18,00 per ride per person

to get to Scilla by train:
take bus or taxi from airport to Lamezia Terme Centrale train station and from Scilla train station you can get free shuttle service to your accommodation

Catania – Fontana Rossa Airport
You can get information about bus service from Catania airport to Messina and from Messina to Scilla, please contact us

+39 333.4471275


  • To attend the event MCR Scilla 2017 is obligatory to carry out a membership request to the association Calabria Art of Reggio Calabria which will take place the day of arrival through the form provided by the organization.
  • The deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation. You will get a partial refund in case of injury during activities.
  • The balance of your payment for the workshops must be made on the Arrival Day, checks or credit cards payments are not accepted.
  • Calabria Arte Association disclaims all responsibility in the case of theft or injury of the dancers, guardians and observers or to the damage or loss of any of their belongings, both during the lessons and during other activities on the premises or during the participants stay during the workshop period. It’s exempted from all civil and penal responsibility concerning and consequent to the participation in the event. It’s dismissed from all responsibility regarding the physical suitability of all participants and possible accidents.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or videotape, to use mobile phone and smoking in the dance studio area.
  • The organization reserves the right to modify the following regulations and programs. Information about possible changes is upon your request on web-site: or email:


Registration fee: € 50,00

Mediterraneo Choreographic Resid(a)ance: € 195,00 for registrations before May 30th, € 235,00 for registrations after May 30th.
(included choreographic workshop, Docufilm and Final Show)


To register it’s mandatory to send a deposit of € 100,00

by bank transfer:

To: Associazione Calabria Arte
Bank: Ubi banca – Carime di Reggio Calabria
Iban code: IT52 P 031111 630000000000 3015
Bic/swift code: BLOPIT22
Causal: MCR Scilla 2017


payment by PayPal

to: Causal: MCR Scilla 2017

send an email to:
and write in object: MCR Scilla 2017 registration
along with the following info: Name:
Phone / mobile number:
Type of accommodation and room: Hotel / B&B and Single Room / Double Room / Triple Room / Quad Room
(choose your favorite type of accommodation and room and if you agree to share the room with one or more people (same sex) please write that on the email).

N.B.: It’s mandatory to attach copy of your bank transfer about deposit or copy of your payment by PayPal.