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2018 program

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ITALY 2018

San Nicola Arcella
July 7 - 23

Mediterraneo Dance Festival an international dance event currently in its 27st edition, is an annual event of reference for students, teachers, professional dancers and dance enthusiasts. Conceived as a intercultural Study-Vacation to deepen, improve the technique and style of the different expressions of ballet, modern, contemporary and hip hop, the honor of the presence of teachers and choreographers of world renown.

The program includes dance classes in different educational level, kids, beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional, choreographic workshops led by choreographers of important and famous international companies, meetings, exhibitions, competitions, video productions and shows.

A large number of dancers and choreographers attended the festival from distant 1992, the year of it’s birth. Successfully extended from year to year it has become one of the most famous and interesting dance events of international importance, with participants from all over Italy and European countries (Spain, France, Germany, Malta, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Norway, Greece), as well as outside Europe (Russia, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Argentina, Israel, China and Japan ...)

The study program is divided into 2 parts called Lab 1 and Lab 2 which will take place from July 7 to 15 and from July 15 to 23 respectively. In Lab 1 there are hip hop, modern jazz, modern contemporary dance styles, and courses are divided into two levels, kids / beginner and intermediate / advanced. In Lab 2, however, the program is composed of more theatrical dance styles, such as modern and contemporary dance, with intermediate /advanced level classes and choreographic labs reserved for advanced and professional levels ( to participate you should take an audition that will take place on fist day ).

For each single Lab, an event program will be presented, such as the International Competition for Groups and Soloists and the Final Show and Galà with the participation of the students and guest artists, and the Ceremony of Awards and Scholarships for MDF ITALY 2019 and MDF China and Russia, international partners. Also scheduled excursions by boat and bus to visit the local beauties.


MDF ITALY 2018 will take place at NELEMA VILLAGE RESORT, a fantastic property located along the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria in the famous and renowned Riviera dei Cedri. About 2 km. from the characteristic town of San Nicola Arcella with the beautiful and charming beach of the Arch of Magno and a few kilometers from beautiful places like Diamante, famous for artistic murals and where is the small Cirella island, Praja a Mare with the Dino island and the famous medieval and maritime village of Scalea. At about 20 km north direction you arrive in Basilicata region to meet the renowned town of Maratea and the imposing statue of the Redeemer.

MDF participants will have the opportunity to visit these locations and will be able to take part in boat trips to admire the beauty of the coast with the characteristic caves of Arco Magno and the Grotta Azzurra).

Mediterraneo Dance Festival is a cultural project, produced by the cultural association Calabria Arte of Reggio Calabria, directed by Basilio Foti, with the collaboration and support of his great staff.

Calabria Arte, along with all the staff and faculty will invite guests to live a fantastic experience offering you ...A SEA OF EMOTIONS!

The program in detail


During the first day of classes you will be able to change dance courses and buy a single class for € 20.00, and if you would like to continue doing the entire course you will pay the balance.

Timetable Teacher Class / Level
09:0010:00 Mattia Tuzzolino Hip Hop
Kids - Beginners
10:0011:30 Mattia Tuzzolino Hip Hop
Intermediate - Advanced
11:3012:30 Julia Spiesser & Lukas McFarlane Modern Jazz
Kids - Beginners
12:30 13:30 LUNCH
13:3015:00 Maniek Kotarski Hip Hop
Intermediate - Advanced
15:0016:00 Maniek Kotarski Hip Hop
Kids - Beginners
16:0017:30 Julia Spiesser Contemporary Jazz
Intermediate - Advanced
17:3019:00 Lukas McFarlane Contemporary Jazz
Intermediate - Advanced
19:0020:30 Megan Lawson Modern Contemporary
Intermediate - Advanced
20:30 21:30 DINNER


Timetable Teacher Class / Level
09:0010:00 Adi Salant Gaga class
Open level
10:0012:30 Adi Salant Contemporary choreographic workshop
(reserved for advanced – prof. / by audition)*
12:30 13:30 LUNCH
13:3015:00 Gianluca Falvo Modern Contemporary class
Intermediate - Advanced
15:0016:30 Daniele Sibilli Modern Contemporary class
Intermediate - Advanced
16:3018:30 Erika Silgoner Contemporary class
Intermediate - Advanced
18:3021:00 Medhi Walerski Contemporary Choreographic workshop
(reserved for advanced – prof. / by audition)*
21:00 21:45 DINNER

The program may be subject to variations.

* Adi Salant and Medhi Walerski's Choreographic workshops will be accessed for auditions that will be the first day during the first 30 minutes of each workshop. The eligible dancers will have to pay the participation fee before the second day of the lessons.


Day / Timetable Event Location
July 7 and 15
h. 15:00 - 22:00
Check in / Registration MDF Italy reception /
Nelema Village Resort
July 8/13 and 16/21
h. 9:00 - 20:30
Dance courses and choreographic workshops Nelema Show Hall
July 8 and 16
h. 22:00 - 24:00
Meeting with teachers and students
(videos – interview)
Nelema Show Hall
July 9 and 17
h. 22:30 - 24:00
Welcome party and Karaoke night Nelema Village Resort
July 11 and 19
h. 22:00 - 24:00
After dinner nigth to San Nicola Arcella San Nicola Arcella
(City center – Viewpoint)
July 14 and 22
h. 15:00 - 18:30
Final Show / Gala rehearsal Nelema Show Hall
July 12 and 20
h. 22:00 - 24:00
International Competition for groups and soloists Nelema Amphitheater
July 13 and 21
h. 22:30 - 01:00
Final Party Nelema Resort / Pool
July 14 and 22
h. 19:30 - 23:00
Final Show & International Gala Ceremony of awards Scholarships for MDF ITALY 2019 Nelema Show Hall or Nelema Lido
July 14 and 22
h. 08:00 - 14:30
Trips – Excursions by bus - boat Differerent locations
(the program to be detailed upon arrival)
N.B. The program is subject to possible variations - The final schedule of the program will be presented to the participants on the day of the registrations / check in.


for groups and soloists
NELEMA SHOW HALL - JULY 12 and 20 - H. 22:00

Mediterraneo Dance Festival, presents the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION for Groups and Soloists to be held for Lab 1 on July 12th and for Lab 2 on July 20th.

The competition will take place at NELEMA AMPHITHEATER, in the presence of all participants. Teachers will judge the choreography with evaluation forms that will be delivered to the participants at the end. The best Groups and Soloists will be chosen to perform at the International Galà and will receive awards.

Participation is free, reserved only for MDF participants. It will consist of 2 categories: Groups and Soloists.

The performances do not need to be of a specific dance style but the group choreographies must not exceed 5 minutes whereas the soloists/duets must not exceed 3 minutes.

Each Registration will be done through the presentation of the registration form (click here to download it). In case of availability of places you can sign up also during the event.




NELEMA SHOW HALL - JULY 14 and 22 - H. 21.00

The Final Show concludes the program of each lab and includes two moments of exhibitions, performances which provide Student Show, with the participation of the students that will perform the teacher's choreography of own lab, and the International Gala, with the participation of the best groups and soloists of the Competition and international guest artists.

The Awards Ceremony will be held immediately after the dance performances, the best students will be awarded with scholarships for MDF ITALY 2019 and for others international dance events in China and Russia. After the Final Show we will enjoy, all together, the Final Party.